Why You Should Verify Your Instagram Account Today…Or At Least Try.

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7 tips to send you on your way to Instagram success. 

Instagram is the hot place to be in 2018. Make your account even hotter by getting Instagram verified. You may ask yourself, does getting verified really matter? The answer is that it just might. In a sea of “fake news” and catfish profiles, having a verified Instagram account proves to the world and your potential customers that you are who you say you are. Trust is the hottest commodity this year and it’s yours for the taking. 

The biggest question of all is how does one get verified? It’s a great question without a clear answer, as there are no specific guidelines set forth by Instagram. What we do know is how to improve your brand presence. We recommend following these 7 tips to better your Instagram status. If you don’t get verified you will at least be considered a bonafide Instagram brand with a core set of followers. 

Tip #1: Share eye-popping photos and create stellar content…every single day. That’s right, Instagram 5-7 days a week to stay relevant. Build real followers, ones who connect with your aesthetic. 

Tip #2: Don’t forget to interact and be social. Follow people and brands who compliment your vision. 

Tip #3: Be genuine. Fake is out, honest is in. 

Tip #4: This may seem like common sense; double and triple check that all your information is up to date. Review your profile. Is it complete? Is it accurate? Make sure it is crystal clear who you want the world to know as your brand. 

Tip #5: Don’t just give Instagram love, prove that you’re a social brand by linking your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter accounts. Be sure to create hyperlinks from your website. The more accounts linked to your website the better. In order to be considered for verification, you will want your brand in 15-20 places all linked back to your landing page. All of this helps boost trust in your cohesive brand. 

Tip #6: Create a Wikipedia page for your brand. Put your brand information out there straight from the source, you. You can dictate what is said about your business. 

Tip #7: You won’t get anything without asking! Message Instagram and request to have your account verified. Don’t hold your breath for a response, although you will never know unless you try. 

Didn’t get verified? Don’t fret, by following these tips you are sure to increase your social presence and build true and loyal followers. 

Did this blog help get your Instagram page verified? Let us know! Want help creating a brand that sets you up for social media success? Reach out to us! 

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