Why Reels Should be Included in Your 2024 Content Strategy

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Why Reels Should be Included in Your 2024 Content Strategy

If you’re looking to refresh your content approach for 2024, one video type you should definitely consider incorporating is Instagram Reels. According to the latest video performance analysis from Emplifi, Reels outperformed other forms of video content across Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok.


Based on Emplifi’s review of thousands of posts, Instagram Reels drove far more views compared to other types of content. What’s interesting is that longer Reels clips performed the best. Short Reels (under 30 seconds) earned a median of 6,145 views, while medium-length Reels (30 to 90 seconds) earned a median of 7,830 views. So, if you want to maximize your reach and engagement, it may be worth investing in longer Reels videos.


It’s also worth noting that Reels beat out TikTok in terms of view counts, which is surprising considering TikTok’s popularity as a platform. While the analysis focuses on brand content specifically, and results may vary depending on your specific audience, the performance of Reels clips, especially the longer ones, is still impressive.


Emplifi’s data also reveals that Facebook Reels are outperforming regular video uploads by a significant margin. Reels on Facebook saw more than three times the number of median views compared to other video content on the platform. This aligns with Meta’s emphasis on Reels clips as a key engagement driver across its apps. Therefore, incorporating Reels into your content planning could potentially help you increase reach and engagement not only on Instagram but also on other apps within the Meta ecosystem.


Despite the popularity of Reels, Emplifi highlights that brands still tend to post more Stories on Instagram. While Stories are undoubtedly valuable for sharing more immediate and ephemeral content, Reels offer a unique opportunity to showcase longer-form videos that capture the attention of your audience.


So, if you’re looking to revamp your content approach for 2024, incorporating more Reels video clips into your mix is a strategy worth considering. The data from Emplifi’s analysis clearly indicates that longer Reels perform exceptionally well and outshine other types of video content on various platforms. Whether on Instagram, Facebook, or even TikTok, Reels have proven to be a powerful tool for driving views, engagement, and reach. Don’t miss out on the potential benefits of Reels in enhancing your content strategy and captivating your audience in the year to come! 


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