Why GA4, Google’s Next-Generation Measurement Solution Is Better for Your Business

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Why GA4, Google’s Next-Generation Measurement Solution Is Better for Your Business

As we mentioned in a previous blog post, Google Analytics is set for a major update this summer. Universal Analytics (UA) will cease to process user data on July 1, 2023. From that date, Google Analytics 4 (GA4), the company’s latest data-tracking platform, will be fully deployed and take over as the primary tool for tracking user data. 


Here are just a few ways GA4 will help your business thrive. 

Having the ability to do more with less

In an era of abundant data and signals, advertisers require technology built to handle demanding tasks, allowing them to dedicate more time to creative endeavors. Advanced analytics tools such as GA4 offer a significant advantage as they leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to transform these insights into actionable strategies on a large scale.


With its impressive scale, intelligence, and incorporation of AI, GA4 serves as a powerful tool for brands aiming to enhance their marketing efforts -while maintaining a focus on responsible practices and anticipating future trends. By leveraging GA4, brands can optimize their strategies, make data-driven decisions, and effectively navigate the ever-evolving marketing landscape, ensuring they remain competitive and ethically sound in their approach.


Being private by design 

GA4 was built with privacy as a top priority. By providing advertisers with more control over the level of detail in the data they collect and the ability to adjust this on a regional basis, the integration offers more advanced methods of utilizing customer data with their consent, including powerful insights and media activation capabilities enabled through Google Signals for users who have opted into personalized ads.


Regarding measurement, GA4 now includes a new integration called Consent Mode, allowing advertisers to analyze the behavior of users who do not consent to first-party measurement cookies being set based on the actions of consented users on the website. This empowers marketers to gain a comprehensive understanding of both consented and unconsented users, including which products were viewed, the traffic sources driving visits, and the content pages they have accessed. Importantly, this is achieved without relying on cookies, addressing an important gap in data collection.


Being powered by AI 

By harnessing the power of AI, GA4 empowers advertisers to gain enhanced visibility into the most valuable insights. A notable advancement is the introduction of an AI prompt feature, which intelligently highlights critical information within the analytics interface to guide future strategies. For instance, it can identify noteworthy trends such as a surge in referral traffic or a decline in purchases from paid search, enabling advertisers to make informed decisions and adapt their approach accordingly.


The predictive audiences feature in GA4 eliminates uncertainties by providing insights into future possibilities. By analyzing data and user behaviors of those who have converted, GA4 can accurately predict potential outcomes such as transaction likelihood, churn probability, or projected revenue for the upcoming month. This information can then be leveraged to inform advertising strategies. By identifying people that are highly likely to make a purchase, advertisers can customize their messaging to effectively target and engage these specific audiences.


Our GA4 Migration Services

Bennington Brookstone’s  GA4 Migration service offers a comprehensive set of tasks to ensure a successful migration, including; building the GA4 Property, downloading historical UA data, transferring goals and conversions, matching UA settings in GA4, rebuilding audience segments, and linking to external accounts including Google Ads. These features are crucial in facilitating accurate data tracking and analysis, enabling your businesses to make informed decisions that drive growth and success.

We understand that you may have questions about the migration process and how to maximize the potential of GA4, and the Bennington Brookstone team is here to support you every step of the way! Call, contact or email sbellem@bbrookstone.com to talk more. We would love to help your business keep up with the changing digital landscape.


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