What’s Happening with X? The Latest Platform Information to Know

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What’s Happening with X? The Latest Platform Information to Know

The current state of X, formerly known as Twitter, is hard to assess in terms of its long-term vision. The platform has been putting out optimistic projections and usage stats, which make it challenging to understand whether its new initiatives are successful or if the reduction in ad spend reflects its market position. There have also been reports of reduced staff capacity and negative feedback about its updated approach to content moderation. However, X may be able to weather this initial storm as it looks to reimagine the app with its new team.


Recently, X held its first meet-up of the newly reformed Client Council, where the new management team, led by CEO Linda Yaccarino, presented an overview of the latest developments and the platform’s future goals. The presentation was upbeat and aimed at ad partners, but most of the new features were not considered game-changers.

The presentation highlighted several features, including long-form blog posts on X, listening to Spaces in the docked player while using the app, video calls, money transfers between users, creator subscriptions, product listings in-app, multi-format video playback, creator ad revenue share, and job listings. Although these features have been released in some form, in-stream payments and shopping, which are crucial elements of Elon Musk’s vision for the “everything app,” seem to be unfinished.

The example of in-stream payments shown during the presentation was not complete, indicating that X is still in the process of securing payment licenses. In-app shopping has been experimented with for years, but it currently redirects users to external websites for purchases instead of facilitating shopping within the app itself. These features are still in development, and the presentation mainly served as a way to showcase future possibilities rather than significant innovations.

It is important to note that X underwent significant restructuring, reducing its staff by over 80% following Musk’s acquisition. The platform has been cutting costs and streamlining its operations, which has limited its ability to create new elements. Despite these challenges, X has managed to release new features, including the ones mentioned above, but future updates and platform-changing additions may take time to develop.

X now faces the challenge of advancing these next big elements with fewer resources and no shelved projects to rely on. Reports suggest that X is outsourcing some of its ad sales to Google to generate more revenue and lighten the workload on its staff. The platform is also considering partnering with third-party vendors to facilitate new functions and processes, potentially establishing new partnerships in the future.

While X is making progress, much of what Yaccarino and the team are selling is not entirely new but rather an enhanced version of what Twitter has always been. X is far from its final form and needs advertising investment to continue its development. Brands are being pitched based on the promise of what’s to come rather than what is currently available.

We do not know if X will succeed in its goal of becoming the “everything app,” as it will depend on whether the platform can align all its elements, drive increased usage, and successfully implement in-stream payments, shopping, subscriptions, video calls, etc.

While it is an almost impossible goal that other social apps have failed to achieve, it will be interesting to see if Musk and his team can pull it off. Our team will continue to monitor platform updates, challenges, and news and will keep you informed of the latest developments.

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