The Rise of Live Commerce: Everything You Need To Know

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Over the last two years, live video and online shopping have understandably surged. People are home, isolated, and looking for entertainment from social media and browsing various eCommerce sites. Everyone wants to feel connected, but what does that mean exactly for marketers and brands?

Keep reading for insights on the growth of live shopping and how you can use this trend to your advantage.

Users are embracing live video

According to App Annie, live streaming has become a major consumer trend. Per the data, watching live streams is now the top way people are spending their time on social media. The report estimates that consumers will spend 548 billion hours consuming live video this year. That is much more than chat, photo, or regular video consumption.

Watch out for emerging trends in China

China has been paving the way for live commerce. This type of shopping is expected to experience massive growth in China. By 2023, it will represent nearly 20% of all online sales in the country, according to eMarketer. Movements happening in China are headed to the United States and the rest of the world, which is great for brands and marketers alike. Throughout 2021, social media and major shopping platforms have made these abilities a reality, like Facebook and Amazon live shopping streams.

Remember that in this era, digital is king

As a result of these trends, marketers are making live videos an important part of their 2022 strategies. According to Salesforce, 92% of marketers are currently using or plan to use live video in their marketing.

If you have not considered adding this type of video to your brand’s marketing plans yet, it is time to consider it! As we enter another wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to ensure that you are getting your products in front of as many consumers as possible online.

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