The Next Stage of Google’s Cookie Deprecation: Tracking Protection

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The Next Stage of Google’s Cookie Deprecation: Tracking Protection

Google is taking another step towards phasing out web tracking cookies by introducing a new feature called “Tracking Protection.” This feature, available to Chrome users, allows them to restrict the data they share when visiting a website. By implementing Tracking Protection, Google aims to limit third-party data tracking and give users more control over their personal information.


According to Google, Tracking Protection will restrict website access to third-party cookies by default, limiting cross-site tracking. This feature will be tested with 1% of Chrome users globally starting January 4th, 2024. It is part of Google’s larger Privacy Sandbox initiative, which aims to phase out third-party cookies for all users by the second half of the new year, pending resolution of any remaining competition concerns.


While enabling Tracking Protection allows users to limit the use of their personal data while browsing the web, it’s important to note that some websites may not load correctly when this feature is enabled. To address this issue, users can temporarily re-enable third-party cookies for specific websites.


The deprecation of cookies is a significant development in web data practices and will have implications for digital marketing and measuring user behaviors. Some marketers have already started preparing for these changes, while others are taking a wait-and-see approach. At Bennington Brookstone, we advise you to look for ways to gather more first-party insights to improve targeting, such as enhancing audience segmentation and connection processes, which our team can assist with! 


By proactively adapting to these changes, you can position your business for better marketing and outreach outcomes in a post-cookie tracking era. As cookie tracking is gradually phased out or limited further, having a new strategy in place can make a significant difference.


Google’s latest update serves as a reminder that cookie deprecation is happening and requires proactive planning. Participants in the initial test of Tracking Protection will be randomly selected, and if chosen, they will receive a notification when opening Chrome on desktop or Android.


We understand that you may have questions about the future of ad targeting, and the Bennington Brookstone team is here to support you every step of the way! Call, message or email to talk more. We would love to help your business keep up with the changing digital landscape.

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