Programmatic Display Ads

Improve lead generation and increase your advertising efficiencies while also reducing your overall advertising costs through programmatic display advertising. Programmatic display advertising is one of the fastest-growing segments of digital marketing today. Programmatic advertising is the use of software to buy digital ads. This type of advertising uses algorithmic software to buy and sell online display space and uses traffic data and targeting to drive impressions at a scale that results in better ROI for businesses  — in real-time. 

Programmatic Ads vs. Display Ads

Programmatic advertising is different from display advertising. The main difference between the two is: 

  • Programmatic refers to how ads are bought.
  • Display refers to the format of how ads appear.

Display ads entail placing ads within one specific network, such as Google Display advertising. Programmatic advertising, however, takes display media to the next level. 

Target The Right Audience

With programmatic advertising, we have control over: 

  • Audience
  • Bidding strategy
  • Budget
  • Creative and assets
  • Placements

When we run a programmatic advertising campaign:

  1. We buy ad space through an Ad Exchange
  2. We enter your bid against your competitors
  3. Our ad will be served if we’re the highest bidder

Programmatic advertising enables your business to access a wide variety of ad networks, publishers, and ad exchanges. Our team can run ads in several formats, including media-rich ads that are both interactive and personalized. We can advertise across mobile, desktop, tablets, apps, and more!

As programmatic platforms rely on real-time bidding, we have the advantage of receiving near real-time data. Real-time data allows us to make quick decisions and optimize as needed, allowing your business to be proactive instead of reactive. As global mobile technology adoption increases, the potential audience size for advertising will continue to grow. The time is right to invest in programmatic advertising through a talented team of experts! 


Improve lead generation & increase advertising efficiencies

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