Eco-friendly Cleaning

How a B2C green cleaning eCommerce business improved their sales pipeline value by 35%

Our eco-friendly cleaner brand required a complete marketing U-turn on its positioning in the green cleaning products space.

Bennington Brookstone


A household cleaning brand has a long history working with cleaning products; their CEO has over twenty years in the industry.  As our client brought their products to the retail market, they were concerned of the harmful chemicals in traditional cleaners and even some cleaners that claim to be “green.”

Our eco-friendly cleaning product client needed a down to earth way to speak to customers interested in chemical free cleaning products and to engage them with “non-technical” speak.

  • Rebranding

  • Amazon Account Rescue

  • Web Design


Bennington Brookstone employed a combination of social media, SEO content, new eCommerce web design, and Amazon marketing to reach potential customers.  The new “rebranding” campaign included daily social media posts, product giveaways, & relevant content marketing;  all driving new traffic to Amazon and  website.

Using our digital marketing plan product, we identified client’s business goals and the best way to tell their story of the benefits of green cleaning while reducing single use plastic.

  • Marketing Plan

  • Content Marketing

  • PPC Advertising

Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
eCommerce Traffic
Digital Marketing


The target audience we identified were not necessarily “price” conscience but more “valued” focused. This allowed us to base our campaigns around a simple but effective message; use less plastic, and remove harsh cleaning chemical from your home. Our campaigns delivered on those promises.

The campaign increased Facebook engagement by 57% and Instagram by 63%.  Web traffic increased 45% and the Web and Amazon sales pipeline is now valued in the 1,000’s instead of the 100’s.

Bennington Brookstone

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