Omnichannel Marketing Trends to Watch This Year

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Omnichannel Marketing Trends to Watch This Year

Omnichannel shopping, the act of shopping both on and offline, grew by 50% in the last year, expedited by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. According to Nielsen, more consumers are using online outlets to make purchases, research products, and find physical stores to visit. Spending more time at home has changed consumer behavior, and people have become used to moving between the physical and digital worlds to acquire things they want and need. As a result, consumers expect businesses to make this process easier by establishing your company across multiple online and offline channels while creating a seamless experience throughout the consumer journey.

Creating an omnichannel marketing experience for consumers will give your brand a leg up this year, however with many businesses joining in on this trend, you need to provide something extra to your customers. Your business needs to change its expectations and bridge the marketing gap between your brick-and-mortar store and your social media outlets, website, emails, etc. 

If you are ready to get started, here are a few trends that will help shape your Omnichannel strategy in 2023: 

1- The Rise of Phygital Retail

Phygital retail is the bridging of the gap between the physical world and the digital. The goal of this type of retail is to bring the best parts of the physical customer experience into the digital realm and vice versa. This can include the use of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI) technology in brick-and-mortar stores to enhance the shopping experience. This type of retail can also involve using digital platforms and social media to increase traffic to physical stores or through the integration of on and offline payment options. 

Despite the increase in value and preference for online shopping, offline is still an important outlet for building brand awareness. Your business needs to utilize the best elements of each and combine them to enhance the overall experience for your customers. 

Phygital retail is a peak into the future of shopping, as it allows businesses to meet the ever-evolving needs and expectations of shoppers by offering convenient and personalized experiences that combine the best of both the physical and digital worlds.

2 – Social Selling Through Video

For the last two years, we have been tracking the rise of video content on social media. This year, online video is expected to account for 82.5% of all web traffic, making it the most popular type of content on the internet. Additionally, consumers are more likely to buy a product after consuming a video, making it a critical content type for your social selling strategy. 

Traditionally, brands use static images on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., to promote their products. When someone clicks, they are typically redirected to the product page to complete the transaction. Imagine: what if customers could click on a video to access the purchase details instead? 

Shoppable videos will be a trend in omnichannel retail, as they offer the spontaneity of live shopping interactions combined with the convenience of making a quick purchase online. 

3 – Driving Omnichannel Experiences Though Customer Data 

While using data and customer relationships to drive sales is not a new concept, businesses can also apply this idea to other sales outlets to create better consumer experiences. Your customers will appreciate this, as 73% of consumers say they use multiple channels throughout their buying journey and expect the same experience at every channel or touchpoint they use. 

Behavioral data allows you to provide personalized experiences for current and potential customers, both on and offline. Doing so will help your business boost brand loyalty and engagement! We know that consumers research products online before making a purchase, but they also do this online research before making an offline purchase. Tracking your online data allows you to leverage that information across channels. 

Are you ready to adopt an omnichannel strategy for your small business? Our team at BBstone happens to be a group of experts in this type of marketing! Call or email us at to get started. We would love to help your business gain new customers and improve your ROI. 


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