Omnichannel Marketing: How to Create a Great Customer Experience and Boost Your ROI

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Omnichannel Marketing: How to Create a Great Customer Experience and Boost Your ROI


We recently shared a  blog post about what Omnichannel marketing is and why it’s crucial for your business. As a refresher, omnichannel marketing involves establishing your business across multiple online and offline channels while creating a seamless experience throughout the consumer journey. Your online channels include your website, social media profiles, emails, SMS, WhatsApp, etc. Examples of offline channels are your brick-and-mortar store and in-person events.


This type of marketing is incredibly important for your business, as it helps you create a positive experience for your customers at every stage of their consumer journey, reduces churn, and builds a stellar reputation for your brand.


Now that you understand the basics of this type of marketing – let’s dive deeper!


What exactly defines an excellent omnichannel customer experience? The team at Moengage breaks down the five key ingredients to a successful strategy as



Today’s shoppers are busy, meaning convenience is not only helpful – it’s a requirement if you want to win over consumers. These customers expect you to provide brand experience across multiple channels — whether it’s in-store, online, or on social media.



Consistency is key when building a business that is creating omnichannel experiences. It is also crucial to create experiences based on a unified brand presence that consumers recognize and trust.



Consumers expect interactions with businesses to be conducted in real-time and that they are highly personalized and tailored to their preferences, transaction history, context, and user behavior.



Businesses that empower and inform consumers to make the best purchasing decisions create brand loyalty and generate a higher ROI.



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According to the Aberdeen Group, companies with a robust omnichannel strategy were able to retain 89% of their customers as compared to the companies that used a single-channel strategy which could retain just 33% of them.


As we mentioned earlier in the post, this form of marketing, when done right, can help boost your ROI. Here’s how to get started:


Use consistent messaging

According to data from the Interacting Advertising Bureau,  consistent messaging across multiple channels could increase the purchase intent of consumers by 90%. Consumers will reach out to your business through any channel, so you want your marketing, sales, and customer support teams to all convey the same message.


Ensure continuity

Yes, consistency in messaging and experience is necessary for the success of your strategy, continuity must also be kept in mind. For example, if a shopper adds an item to their cart but forgets to check out, you can remind that customer via emails and retargeting campaigns to return to the site and complete their transaction.


Utilize data-driven marketing

To create a successful strategy and boost your ROI, you need to know everything about your customers, from their behavior to their preferences. Your business can use this data to personalize their journey and to send the right message to the right person using the correct channels.


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