New Year, New Normal, New Mobile Trends: What Your Business Needs to Know

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Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers have been shifting their daily lives to keep up with the new normal. In terms of their digital consumption, they’re looking for brands to find creative ways to engage them while in isolation. Through mobile devices, businesses have found a way to create a shared experience and a sense of belonging with their current and potential customers.

According to a report by App Annie, a lot of mobile trends that emerged over the last year are here to stay in 2021. Mobile advertising is on track to dominate overall digital ad spend and will hit $290 billion worldwide this year!

Keep reading for the most important takeaways from the latest report on mobile trends to help build your best digital strategy during these unprecedented times.

Our work and social lives will remain at home, driving mobile use

When life as we know it froze in March 2020, we all turned to our electronic devices for both entertainment and distractions. While many probably saw this as a temporary fix, recent insights show that this trend is here to stay. App Annie found that time spent in “at-home” categories will top 1.3 trillion hours on Android phones alone in 2021.

Additionally, using food delivery apps will become the norm, and financial apps expect to gain more traction as people feel inclined to manage their finances remotely. E-commerce is also expected to boom this year.  The report states that in the U.S., consumers will set a new record for mobile shopping at 1 billion hours spent on Android devices in the holiday season.

Fitness and wellness apps will also continue to thrive in 2021, as many Americans are facing long-term work from home restrictions. Live-streamed workout classes are riding the mobile video streaming market trend, with overall video streaming on mobile expected to top 1 trillion hours on Android phones alone.

Gaming and video streaming apps are on the rise 

Mobile gaming saw a 15% increase in weekly downloads from the height of the nationwide lockdowns in Q2 into Q3. This year, spend on mobile games will cross the $120 billion thresholds. Alongside an increased demand for both casual and core gaming, consumer spend on mobile games is expected to soar in 2021, surpassing $120 billion.

In terms of video streaming, U.S. consumers will have an average of 9.5 video apps on their phones this year, an increase of 85% year over year. A clear indicator that there is a need for engaging video content while we’re still practicing social distancing.

As lockdowns transitioned from weeks into months, users around the world turned to video streaming providers for entertainment. We are starting to notice a movement towards users seeking out a mini, curated “bundle” of video options – as apps on their phones.

TikTok is a must-use social platform in 2021

According to the report, TikTok is on track to pass one billion users over the next year. Despite a potential U.S. ban that made headlines in 2020, the app still saw the second-highest consumer spend among non-gaming apps in Q3 202.

Many of the most popular social media apps don’t make the top consumer spend charts, as they primarily monetize from ad revenue. TikTok, however, monetizes from ads but also creates opportunities for creators to generate money in more authentic ways, such as tipping and virtual gifts. This social media giant represents a massive opportunity for businesses to interact with a large base of engaged users.

The road to “normalcy” won’t be like anything we’ve experienced before. To be successful this year and the years ahead, brands need to consider these mobile trends, even if they don’t directly impact or relate to their businesses. Having a clear understanding of the digital landscape will help your company thrive online.

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