Meta’s Twitter Competitor App is Coming Soon: Everything You Need to Know

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Meta’s Twitter Competitor App is Coming Soon: Everything You Need to Know

In the world of social media, Twitter has long been a dominant platform for real-time conversations, news updates, and connecting with like-minded individuals. However, the landscape is evolving, and with Elon Musk in charge, people’s opinions of Twitter have changed. Meta sees the frustration among Twitter users and has started working on an app of its own to serve as a competitor. 

Back in March, Meta confirmed it was working on a new social platform, stating: 

“We’re exploring a standalone decentralized social network for sharing text updates. We believe there’s an opportunity for a separate space where creators and public figures can share timely updates about their interests.”

Meta’s new app, tentatively titled Barcelona, is moving closer to launch, with a selected group of creators being briefed on how “Instagram for your thoughts” will function. The new app, in essence, is a simplified version of Twitter, more aligned with a chat-based feed.

The new standalone app is meant to create a vast group chat experience akin to Twitter but with a distinct influence from Instagram. Regarding its features, users can easily access the app by utilizing their Instagram credentials, including their username, and synchronizing their Instagram followers. The app enables users to share text updates of up to 500 characters and incorporate links, photos, and videos lasting up to 5 minutes. 

For the Barcelona app, Meta uses a decentralized infrastructure, marking its initial venture into building a decentralized network. By doing so, Meta intends to establish compatibility between user profiles and other decentralized systems, enabling users on platforms like Mastodon to discover, follow, and interact with profiles and content. This compatibility grants the opportunity to reach new audiences effortlessly.

Although it may seem like a rival to Twitter, to some extent, Meta’s new app is more than just a competitor – Barcelona represents its endeavor to adapt to evolving usage patterns and explore decentralization, aiming to create a more open system that caters to the diverse needs of social media users across different fronts. 

Considering Instagram’s massive user base of over a billion daily active users, which surpasses Twitter’s 253 million, and Meta’s efforts to facilitate a seamless transition for these users to the new app, there is a strong possibility that it could rapidly become a quality Twitter-like platform, leading to more Twitter users shifting their focus and spending more time on this new app.

Despite some users expressing objections to the changes made by Musk on Twitter, the platform has maintained a robust level of activity,  primarily due to the lack of alternatives, as migrating to other platforms would require significant effort in rebuilding one’s follower base.

However, Meta’s new app will allow users to bring their Instagram audience along, which is a compelling advantage. 

Should Meta succeed in providing a user-friendly interface that avoids the intricacies typically associated with decentralized apps, it could pose a substantial threat to Twitter. By offering a more practical and appealing alternative for individuals in search of a comparable social media experience, Meta has the potential to significantly impact Twitter’s user base.

Elon Musk has advised dissatisfied users to seek alternatives if they disagree with his implemented changes. This sentiment might resonate with more individuals, potentially leading to a shift in advertiser attention if Meta monetizes the app. Regardless, the forthcoming launch of the app is an interesting experiment that holds the potential for significant impact. 

As more information about Barcelona emerges, and as advertising options become available, we will keep you informed on the latest happenings. 

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