Meta Reveals Updates for Lead Gen Campaigns Ahead of the Holiday Season

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Meta Reveals Updates for Lead Gen Campaigns Ahead of the Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us, and with that, social platforms are announcing ad updates to help businesses make the most of the season. Meta recently unveiled a range of new ad updates designed specifically for lead-based campaigns aimed at helping your business gather more direct contacts for your seasonal campaigns.

One of the updates from Meta focuses on tapping into the increasing use of direct messages (DMs), particularly on WhatsApp. The company is expanding its lead objective to include Facebook and Instagram ads that prompt users to start a WhatsApp chat. Additionally, select advertisers will have the option to add a Q&A flow in Ads Manager.

Previously, lead objective ads were available for Messenger and Instagram Direct, but now you can also drive WhatsApp engagement through your promotions. This update is significant considering the shift towards more engagement occurring through DMs rather than traditional social media posts. This is an opportunity for brands to establish a direct connection with potential customers.

Another update in messaging ads allows businesses using click-to-message ads on Instagram Direct to offer coupons as incentives for completing the question-and-answer flow. These discounts can be applied to the users’ next purchase or service. This update also aligns with the growing trend of increased engagement in DMs and enables brands to drive more direct connections with their target audience.


Meta is also testing a new ad format called “Instant Form.” This format allows users to select multiple businesses and submit their information to all of them at once. For example, if someone signs up for a bridal hair trial, they can choose to share their contact information with related businesses like a nail salon. This feature offers convenience for users and more opportunities for smaller brands to be discovered by potential customers.

However, there may be some concerns with the related businesses paying to be listed in this showcase. It might not necessarily feature the best or most popular businesses but rather those who have paid for the privilege. Despite this, it could still generate more queries and potentially significant results for these brands.

In addition, Meta is testing the ability for businesses to make calls to potential customers through Facebook. The process will display the business name and information on the user’s screen. While this may not be well-received by those who generally dislike phone calls, it could be a viable option for those who prefer this method of communication. Nevertheless, it remains uncertain if users want to take phone calls through Facebook.

Meta is also piloting “full campaign automation for lead generation campaigns.” This feature allows advertisers to rely on Meta’s evolving AI systems to guide every aspect of their campaigns, including targeting, creative content, ad placements, and budget allocation. While it may take some time for brands to feel comfortable handing over all these elements to AI, this feature has the potential to become a popular choice in the future.

Lastly, the company is testing a new option that enables advertisers to generate instant forms for Facebook using existing content from their website. This feature provides convenience for businesses by eliminating the need to create forms from scratch.

These updates from Meta are valuable for businesses, especially during the holiday season, to campaign success. However, it’s important to remember that the success of these updates depends not only on their execution but also on the overall campaign approach and strategy.

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