Marketing Trends That Will Define 2023, According To TikTok

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Marketing Trends That Will Define 2023, According To TikTok

Over the last few years, TikTok has heavily influenced the digital landscape, including how consumers find products, music, influencers, and more. As a major player in the social media game, there is no better platform to guide brands and marketers on future trends. 


TikTok recently released its What’s Next Report, its third annual trend forecast, created to help businesses understand how consumers’ wants and needs will change in the upcoming year and what that will mean for their strategies, both on and off the app.The report focuses on three main macro trend forces: Actionable Entertainment, Making Space For Joy, and Community-Built Ideals. Keep reading for an overview of each force! 

Actionable Entertainment 

This force surrounds how brands communicate promotions in the app, which should be done more entertainingly. Meaning, when your advertising messaging is delivered like an ad, but loved like entertainment, you can see increased business results.

Per TikTok: 

“For brands, the most effective messages on TikTok are uplifting, funny and personalized, or entertaining their audiences. Brands can build on this entertainment value by using editing techniques like syncing sounds to transitions or adding text overlays – which are effective at keeping viewers’ attention.”


Making Space for Joy 

Consumers are burnt out. Whether they are exhausted from work, personal hardships, or both, they turn to TikTok to find joy! In fact, according to the study, 90% say the platform makes them happy, and it never gets boring. That stat is important for brands looking to make more connections with their target audience. Creating content that helps people find joy for themselves or even joy through humor, relaxation, and relatable points of view could be the difference for businesses in 2023. 

“Whether it’s the growth of meme culture – providing a language for people to bond over humor; people sharing wellbeing “life hacks” – every day strategies that empower people to make space for themselves whenever they need; or a creator highlighting how they reward themselves at any budget level, people are dedicating space and time for joy in the way the best suits them.”

Community-Built Ideals 

Finally, Community-Built Ideals highlights the importance of bonding in the app. 

TikTok is not a town hall meeting. It’s a collection of tiny clubs where people can find new ideas on how to explore their passions and live their lives. In fact, TikTok is 1.8x more likely to introduce people to new topics they didn’t know they liked compared to traditional social platforms(1). And as people seek out ways to break the status quo, they’ll look to peers and role models who demonstrate the confidence to live life the way they want to.

People use this platform to start conversations in their community and find answers to their every thought and curiosity. Consumers are even using the app to find products and services, so brands should recognize the value of these discussions and feed into these behaviors. 

As TikTok continues to grow in popularity, brands need to keep up! If you are looking for a partner to help you with your social media strategy in 2023 and beyond, call, message or email to get started. We would love to help your business shine online. 


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