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As a business, there’s a good chance that consumers are already searching for a company like yours. Google Ads opens the door to reaching searchers looking for your products or services. Bennington Brookstone is a leading pay-per-click (PPC) agency that focuses on results-driven programs to ensure your success.

Our team has extensive knowledge of building PPC campaigns based on understanding your brand, how consumers connect with your business, and what keywords will generate the most clicks and conversions. We can help your brand be visible where potential customers are searching, browsing, and watching across Google Search, YouTube, and popular websites.

We believe in spending less money to make more money! Through our strategic advertising efforts, your business will generate low-cost leads in your local market, increase calls and inquiries, and more.

Why do we love this type of advertising? When you run Google Ads, individual keywords can be weighed and measured. For example, if a term or campaign is not working, it can be paused, but if it’s converting well, it can take on a larger role within your account! Using an ROI-based strategy will allow your business to shine.

No matter your business size or advertising budget, we can create a winning strategy for your business. Areas of PPC campaign management we focus on include:

  • Thoughtful Keyword Analysis
  • Ad Design & Messaging
  • Landing Page Creation & Review
  • Account Setup & Management
  • Campaign Launch
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Optimization

After testing out a campaign, we select the most successful ones and increase the budget – this process is ongoing to drive your ROI!

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