Looking Ahead to 2023: Social Media Platform Predictions for The New Year

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Looking Ahead to 2023: Social Media Platform Predictions for The New Year

The last year has been quite the ride for marketers and brands alike! Our favorite social media networks have continued to grow and evolve, and there has been no shortage of developments around each. TikTok continues to dominate the space as Facebook continues its decline in popularity, and Twitter is in the middle of a chaotic shift with Elon Musk taking over. 

With so much going on in the social space, it is challenging to know what the future holds, but industry experts have a few ideas. If you are starting to think about what marketing will look like in 2023 to inform future strategies, here are some predictions that seem likely for each platform! 

An increase in posts recommended by AI on Facebook 

Facebook users will see more and more content from Pages and people they do not follow on their feeds. Meta is following in the footsteps of TikTok, as the popular video platform focuses on showing users the best content from all creators on the app. This is how TikTok maximizes user engagement, as people’s feeds are not limited to posts from users they follow. Users can discover new creators who can have their content seen by more than just their followers.

An increase in AI-recommended content, especially Reels, on Instagram

Instagram is leaning into AI content recommendations to maximize user engagement – though this has not been a popular update with people who use the app! Despite negative feedback from platform users, Instagram is still trying to show people more of the best content being shared on the app.

Also similar to TikTok, Instagram wants Reels to be a major focus of the app. With that in mind, knowing that Instagram is ramping up its AI content recommendations, we can expect to see more Reels in our feeds. We will not be surprised if the platform tries its full-screen feed test again, as that would tie into the TikTok-like nature of Reels. 

Refined search and discovery on Pinterest

This year, Pinterest has made great progress on the discovery front by adding more personalized tools. We can expect to see the platform continue to improve and refine these processes to help improve product discovery. Pinterest will also likely add more product comparison tools and options to help users discover the best deals on the platform.

Live-stream shopping on TikTok

TikTok has seen success with live shopping in the Chinese version of the app, so it seems likely they will try to make it work in the United States as well, as it would maximize revenue and provide another way for creators to make money on the app. 

Will U.S. users be open to live-stream shopping? Only time will tell, but we will not be surprised if the platform makes a big push regarding this feature in 2023. 

When it comes to Twitter, only time will tell 

Right now, the platform is operating with just 36% of the staff it had been before Elon Musk took over at the app – maybe even less given Musk’s latest firings. Many former staffers have warned that the app could crash, possibly indefinitely, as a result. As of now, the app is still online, so will it actually go down? While the fate of the platform is unknown, we will be keeping an eye on the latest developments to help inform your social media strategies in the new year and beyond. 

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