It’s Time to BeReal: An Overview of the Latest Social Media App and Whether or not Your Brand Should be on it

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It’s Time to BeReal: An Overview of the Latest Social Media App and Whether or not Your Brand Should be on it

If you have been on the internet lately, you have probably heard of a new app called BeReal. BeReal is a photo-sharing platform that allows users to show their followers what they are doing at a specific moment in time. 

What makes this app so popular, and should your business consider signing up for an account? Here’s everything you need to know. 

How BeReal works: 

The app sends out a notification at a different time each day, alerting all users to take a photo within two minutes, using both the front and back cameras. The app has no photo filters or edits available. 

The purpose of this app is to promote authenticity, hence why you can only post once per day and not make any edits! This app stands out from other platforms in the social media landscape as you cannot scroll through posts for hours on end. 

Who uses the app: 

BeReal’s users are, for the most part, members of Gen Z. This comes as no surprise, as we know, based on various reports, that this generation values authenticity on social media. While BeReal does let you retake your photo if you do not like how it came out on the first try, the app will tell your friends how many times you retook it. Additionally, if you post late, the app will tell on you for that, too! 

Setbacks for Brands: 

One of the biggest downsides for brands regarding this app is the nature of the platform. Users are interested to see photos from their friends to see what they are doing when the alert goes out. Since users are not curating content on this platform, they are keeping thier profiles private and only follow a handful of people, making their reach small. 

The app does not have a For You page like TikTok, and it does not have an algorithm. Therefore, the only way for someone to see your content is by following you. 

Would users even friend brands on a platform like this? The answer, for now at least, is likely no, as the point is to have fun with their friends. 

Additionally, the spontaneity of the app makes it hard to plan content! The posting alert could go off after work hours or during important meetings, making it hard to get involved. 

Ways for brands to “BeReal”:

While we do not consider this platform a priority for businesses at this time, that does not mean that there may not be a larger opportunity for involvement in the future! Keeping an eye on trends is also incredibly important for your brand so that you are always in the know and can find inspiration for future marketing endeavors. 

Currently, the nature of BeReal does not allow for typical advertising efforts, but some brands have gotten creative to make it work for them. Chipotle, for example, used BeReal to share promo codes for free entrees. The promo was good for the first 100 people to use it, and they were gone in just 30 minutes on the first day! 

Though brands can’t have a curated presence on the app through advertisements, sharing promo codes, like Chipotle, and things like behind-the-scenes content around everyday office / store life can help customers view your business in a different light.

Are you up on the latest social media trends? Contact us or email us at to work with our team of omnichannel experts. We would love to help your business stay on top of the ever-evolving social media landscape to have a winning strategy. 


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