It’s Friday night and you are looking to head out for a stellar meal.…

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It’s Friday night and you are looking to head out for a stellar meal. What’s your next move? Before you take that leap of faith and waste your precious time, you do your research. You turn to Yelp, Google Reviews, and Facebook to confirm that the place you’re heading to is worth the trip and your time. 

Customers want to show up to the table knowing what to order, the specialty drink that’s not offered on the menu and the best table to request. Knowledge is power and it’s at their fingertips. 

As a business owner are you overlooking this gold mine resource? Customer feedback is a massively underutilized commodity. While consumer’s trust in advertising has dropped, their faith in authentic reviews has increased and in turn become a VITAL step when deciding to use a product or service.  

Don’t currently have a landing pad for customer reviews? Now is the time to make one. Compiling your client’s positive reviews in one place gives you an authentic edge over your competitors. Utilizing services such as Listen 360 or Nice Job help you turn that hard earned TRUST into ROI. 

Now, where are we having lunch? 

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