Is Your Social Media Strategy In A Deep Freeze?

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Has your marketing strategy gone cold? It’s time to thaw it out with these 3 simple steps. 

The new year is a great time to reflect and reset. These 3 steps can help your Facebook strategy get back on top of its game. 

1. Read your Data – Those shiny analytics tools aren’t just for looks. They are a surefire way to better understand whats HOT and COLD in your content strategy. Once a month, take more than a minute to sit down and go through your month’s growth. Engagement, Page and Post LIKES, Follower growth and TOP POST data. You want to see green here. Repost content that worked and branch off those concepts for future posts. 

2. Pay to Play – Just because organic reach is becoming obsolete, doesn’t mean you should throw up your hands in bone-chilling defeat. What you need to move the needle is skin in the game. Start by putting $5 to boost a post for basic comparison. Depending on your growth goals, here is where a Social Media Marketing company can best guide you on how to get the most social media heat for your hard earned dollars. 

3. Video = HOT – We can’t stress this enough. People want authentic, positive, behind the scenes videos! They want a peek behind the curtain. It’s time to record your process. A sneak peek factory walkthrough or snip-its from your next brainstorming session will do the trick. This is where you can create a cult following for your product or service. It’s not about going viral anymore it’s about building a tribe of loyal followers who will rise with the flames as your social media strategy heats up. 

Does working through these steps have you seeing icicles? No need to worry, BBStone can help. Shoot us an email to set up a phone call today. 

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