Instagram Tests UGC Sharing Tool to Help Brands Source Content

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Instagram Tests UGC Sharing Tool to Help Brands Source Content

User Generated Content, better known as UGC, is unique and brand-centric content generated by consumers and shared through various channels, such as social media. UGC takes diverse forms, such as images, videos, reviews, testimonials, podcasts, etc. UGC has been valued by businesses for years, as this content helps build trust and loyalty among consumers. To help build your content collection, Meta / Instagram is working on a new feature to help businesses source relevant UGC in the app they can share as examples to promote their products. Keep reading for everything you need to know! 

Instagram is currently prompting select Shop managers to incorporate UGC into their product listings as an additional way to entice potential buyers. When you tap the prompt, Instagram’s system showcases posts on the app in which your business has been tagged. You can then link these posts with your product listings.

Per the platform:

“When a user tags a brand in a post, that brand will have the ability to request permission to feature their products in that post. Users that tag your business will likely appreciate that your brand would like to feature its products in their content. It will also allow their content to surface on brand-owned spaces, such as the product’s PDP or your shop on Instagram.”

Businesses will have the option to request direct tagging when they are mentioned in any post, except in cases of private accounts, posts with multiple tagged products, or if the user has disabled permission requests.

This feature presents a convenient way to source more user-generated content UGC and expand your brand’s visibility on the platform. For businesses receiving a lot of tags, this can significantly contribute to promotional efforts.

UGC holds substantial influence over purchasing behavior, as people are more inclined to trust the experiences of others rather than polished marketing campaigns. In a digital landscape littered with scams and misleading advertisements, UGC is a valuable means to establish credibility and foster trust.

It is certainly worth exploring as the new prompts are rolling out to businesses on Instagram. This feature will allow your business to: 

Obtain genuine content for your products: You can source authentic content from the Instagram community. When users tag your business in a post, you have  the ability to request permission to showcase your products in that post.

Engage your community: Users who tag your business will appreciate that your brand wants to feature its products in their content. This also enables their content to be highlighted on brand-owned platforms, such as the product’s detailed description page (PDP) or your Instagram shop.

Facilitate informed purchase decisions: Buyers prefer discovering products through other users and making well-informed choices. UGC allows buyers to explore your products through other users and observe how people are utilizing them.

We are keeping an eye on this update and will update our clients as we learn more! 

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