Instagram Adds Lead Forms on Business Profiles, Providing an Easy Win for Growing Brands

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Instagram Adds Lead Forms on Business Profiles, Providing an Easy Win for Growing Brands

Instagram provides a powerful way for businesses to engage with their target audience, build brand recognition and increase sales. With its range of creative tools and features, your business can create visually stunning content that resonates with users and encourages them to interact with you. Now, Instagram has made it even easier for you to connect with consumers with the new addition of lead forms as a CTA button option on business profiles.

These lead forms are an incredibly useful tool for your businesses to take advantage of on the platform. They allow you to quickly collect relevant information from your followers, such as name, email address, phone number and more, making it easy to follow up with interested prospects and drive conversions. Additionally, these lead forms can be customized to fit your specific needs or goals, meaning you can collect the most important data for your business. 

One of the key advantages of using a lead form is having an ultra-personalized and engaging way to connect with potential customers. Your business can use these lead forms to build relationships with your target audience by learning more about their interests and providing curated and relevant offers that are likely to convert. Additionally, lead forms are a cost-effective way to generate new leads. Through these forms, you can reach potential customers directly through social media on Instagram without the need for expensive ad campaigns or lead magnets.

So, how do you access and use these forms, you ask? 

If you have your Instagram account configured as a business account, you can set up and manage lead generation ads directly on the app. Your target audience will be able to indicate their interest in your business or service by interacting with these ads. When they click on the call to action, they’ll be able to fill out a short lead form to get in touch with you. 

Per Instagram, you will receive an email whenever someone fills out the form. When you view the email on mobile, you can tap “View Lead” to view this individual lead. In the app, you can also access your leads through Ad Tools or your Activity Feed. Instagram also provided the below guidance on accessing your leads: 

To access your leads through Ad Tools:

  1. Go to your Instagram business profile
  2. Tap the Ad Tools profile button
  3. Under Manage, select View Leads

To access your leads through your Activity Feed:

  1. Tap the on the bottom of your screen 
  2. Select Promotions at the top of your screen
  3. Under Manage, select Leads

After following these steps, you will see all your recent and earlier leads listed on the Lead Submissions screen. You can tap the envelope icon in the upper right corner to send a message to all your leads. You can also tap on any individual lead to view more details, such as their name, email, and what they need help with.

Note: This feature is slowly rolling out and may not be available to all advertisers yet, but we are excited for this addition that will be a major help in gaining new leads for your business! 

Lead generation is crucial for business growth in 2023 and beyond. Our team at BBstone are experts in this arena and would love to talk more about our lead generation services. Call or email us at to get started. 


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