How to Make the Most of Your Instagram DMs

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How to Make the Most of Your Instagram DMs

As a small business, keeping in touch with your audience on social media is important for building brand loyalty and generating sales. To steer you on the right path, Instagram recently shared some new information to assist with maximizing your DM connection process! 


Before we dive into the latest information, let’s recap what Instagram Direct is. Instagram Direct is an in-app messaging solution that enables you to exchange text, photos, posts, and Stories with one or more users. With Instagram Direct, you can strengthen relationships and drive sales through a personal connection at every phase of the online customer journey. The key features of this product include: 


Connecting with customers where they are

Your business can make it easy for consumers to contact your team by adding a “Send Message” button to your profile and responding to users who reply to your Stories and posts. To take things a step further, you can add an link to your website and emails, which drives consumers directly to your Instagram Direct. 


Building brand loyalty and trust 

Responding to all consumer messages on Instagram can help increase their satisfaction with your business and inspire them to develop loyalty towards your brand. Whether you are answering questions, offering support, or seeking feedback, every inquiry should be responded to. 


Driving sales 

The modern consumer may turn to Instagram DMs to contact your business with questions before making a purchase. By responding to your messages on the app, you can reduce friction and provide a seamless journey for the consumer. You can guide the conversation in a way that drives people back to your website. 


Starting more conversations through ads 

Your business can create ads that click to Instagram Direct or WhatsApp by boosting an organic post directly on the Instagram app. If you have a shop on Instagram, you can even boost posts that contain product tags.


Additionally, Instagram business accounts allow you to manage all of your incoming direct messages with ease. Your Instagram messages can be managed through Meta Business Suite Inbox, Business Inbox in Messenger, and Messenger API for Instagram. 


If you’re looking to get started with Instagram Direct, the first thing you need to do is ensure your account is set up as a business profile. From there, you can click around and familiarize yourself with your DM inbox and all of the features included in it. 


With more people now connecting via social media direct messages, this is a valuable consideration for your business. There has been a significant behavioral trend, with data suggesting that more people are now engaging via direct message as opposed to posting updates to Stories or even the main feed. 


According to Meta, over a billion people per week message businesses across its apps, showing that there is certainly opportunity for your business to grow and thrive by utilizing direct messaging tools. 


Looking to up your social media game? Call, message or email to get started. We would love to help you grow your business on Instagram and beyond! 

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