How to Improve Ad Performance Despite Privacy and System Changes, According to Meta

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How to Improve Ad Performance Despite Privacy and System Changes, According to Meta

Online data restrictions are rising, so the digital advertising landscape is continuing to adapt to keep up. Meta is working overtime to keep ad revenue steady, making the company shift its priorities and change how its ad system runs. 

Facebook and Instagram advertisers have started to see their ad results fluctuate, creating irritation for marketers and brands alike. To fight new data restrictions, there are frequent, frustrating changes required to re-optimize campaigns. 

To help relieve tension, Meta is re-aligning its systems and has launched its Performance 5 framework, a new set of five tactics that will improve your ad performance on its platforms. According to Meta

“Making these 5 changes to your ad campaigns can help increase ad performance, lower cost per action and connect your ads with people most likely to buy.”

To help small businesses get the most out of their advertising efforts, Meta advises you focus on these key components: 

Conversion API 

Implementing Meta’s Conversion API creates a direct connection between your ads and site activity like purchases or “add to cart” actions. Using the API will not be impacted by privacy changes, as this connects your CRM data to the Meta ads platform. Through a Meta partner like Shopify or Wix, your business can improve campaign targeting, decrease cost per action, and measure your ad’s success more accurately. You can also utilize the Meta Pixel to track the relationship between your ads and your website activity. According to Meta, advertisers with the Meta Pixel running alongside the tool saw a 13% lower CPA on average. 

Simplified Ad Sets 

Consolidating ads, ad sets, and campaigns can improve cost efficiency and performance, according to the social media giant. When running similar ad sets simultaneously, each one gets fewer opportunities to learn and fewer results. Combining ad sets allows you to get the results you need faster, enabling you to see stable results sooner. 

Broad Targeting 

Yes, you read that right! More and more advertisers are moving towards broad targeting vs. refined, niche audience approaches, as it generates better results. 

Targeting broadly means you are letting Meta’s delivery system find the most relevant people to show your ad to, allowing you to reach more consumers. Meta’s detailed ad targeting has been known to be a major benefit of the platform, but now that data restrictions are looming, the company has improved its automated targeting, making it the better approach. 


Mobile-friendly Video 

This likely comes as no surprise, as we have been discussing the importance of video content on social media for quite some time! According to Meta, 79% of the time, adding video increased the likelihood to buy a product in an analysis of CPG consumers. Using mobile-friendly video also inspires a:

  • 17% higher rate of conversions on average for brands using both still ads and video ads compared to brands using only still ads.
  • 27% higher likelihood of driving brand lift for mobile-first creative compared to video ads that are not optimized for mobile

Ad Testing 

You’ve probably used this tactic before for other marketing initiatives like emails, so you are likely familiar with the process. Meta’s final recommendation is A/B testing, focused on creative, targeting, or ad set structure, providing your business with more context to make more informed decisions about your campaigns. 

Implementing all of these approaches can have a strong impact on your Facebook and Instagram ad performance! These are worth exploring as Meta is making these recommendations based on what it sees across apps

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