How To Get Better Mileage From Your Social Media

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Customers and businesses alike are finally kicking the snow off their boots. Coming into spring, now’s the time to reevaluate the advertising and marketing strategy of your enterprise – especially if you are in home improvement industry. In terms of targeted brand awareness, lead generation and communicating with new and existing customers, few strategies deliver, dollar-for-dollar, the traction and hard results that social media is able to deliver for most businesses. Here are 3-ways you can better leverage social media – without draining your marketing budget.

  1. Read Your Data – Those shiny analytics tools aren’t just for looks. They are a surefire way to better separate what’s hot from what’s lukewarm in your content strategy. Once a month, sit down and go through your month’s growth. Engagement rate, page and post likes, follower growth and top post data are golden data for your program. Repost high-performing content that worked for you and springboard into similar concepts in the future. Buzzsumo analyzed over 880 Facebook posts in 2017 and uncovered a sharp decline in overall engagement. This is linked to a push by social media platforms to increase revenue by encouraging brands to use advertising to boost reach. Which leads us into “pay-to-play.”
  2. Pay-to-Play – You guessed it. Sizable organic reach has become a distant memory for most business pages on social. This is why strategic post boosts will help you best move the needle, and a little boost goes a long way. Depending on your business, customer base and growth goals, a social media marketing consultant can (and should) guide you on how to get the most social media fire for your hard-earned dollars. A little budget can go a long, long way.

3. Video = Tangible Results. People want authentic, entertaining yet informative videos. Now is the time to record your process, demonstrate your product’s benefits, inform and educate your customers and to highlight or LIVE STREAM your company’s booth at a local trade show. A sneak-peek factory walkthrough or snip-its from your next brainstorming session will work wonders for social engagement. When it comes to Facebook, video dominates the engagement game. While YouTube links are fine, but real results roll in when you upload directly to Facebook.  In the B2B and B2C space, remember, it’s not about going viral (although it’s great to go viral) or hard-selling with every page post, it’s about building a tribe of loyal followers who will reconnect with you again and again to be educated or entertained. Content is king. It’s really about stoking the fire to stay top-of-mind with your followers… and staying power is magnified through video and innovative content.

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