How to Generate Leads Through Your Digital Marketing Efforts This Year

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How to Generate Leads Through Your Digital Marketing Efforts This Year

As a business, finding high-quality leads is one of your top concerns and priorities, with 61% of marketers saying traffic and lead generation is their biggest challenge. Having an ongoing flow of leads coming in is critical for your success. Yes, it is also crucial for you to retain your existing customer base, but realistically, there will always be churn or customers who do not make purchases as frequently as others. Ensuring you have a stream of new potential customers coming in allows for the highest ROI and ensures your business’s growth! Leads also impact your online presence and help you to build brand awareness. Essentially, leads are the fuel that drives your sales process forward.

Lead generation is a primary driver of growth, but actually sourcing these quality leads takes
more work than it sounds. Generating new leads takes patience and strategy, as it is an investment of both time and money. Your marketing campaigns need to be thoughtful so that they achieve optimal results.

That’s where our team comes in. Read on for strategic tips on how to generate high-quality leads for your business.

Take Advantage of Video
We have said it before, but video marketing is the name of the game in 2023 and beyond. This type of content has become popular in the last few years and will continue to trend upward for the foreseeable future. Video is an effective outlet, as it allows your business to cast a wider net to reach more people. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook have started prioritizing video content in the feed to compete with TikTok, and users are engaging with brands more than ever in this format.

Additionally, live-streaming video is a powerful opportunity to generate high-quality leads for your business, as 82% of people would rather watch a business’s live stream than browse its social media posts.

Send out Targeted, Personalized Content

Content plays a big role in gaining new customers as it grabs them at the beginning of their buying cycles. Crafting content that speaks to your target audience and their unique pain points and the solutions they need is the most successful way to personalize your content.

Blog posts are a great way to generate more leads, as you can include relevant keywords that allow your site to rank higher on search engine sites like Google. By crafting blog posts, your business can generate more leads by providing helpful, informative content on your website. People will think of your company as a helpful resource! When you rank higher on Google, consumers will think of your business as trustworthy and an authority in your industry. Building consumer trust will ultimately lead to them making a purchase. Providing personalized, engaging content on your website is a must, and it needs to be crafted to perfection by following best practices for SEO.

Utilize SEO

Speaking of SEO, creating lead magnets through your SEO efforts is a beneficial strategy to generate more leads. A lead magnet is content consumers can download for free, like PDFs, white papers, newsletters, or a free consultation. To access these resources, you can ask consumers to provide their name and email address to download/view the content.

Providing free content on your website is a great way to entice potential customers to browse your site and receive the information they want/need in exchange for their contact information. Once you have someone’s contact information, you can reach out and begin to build a relationship with that person. To convert these leads, nurturing them is crucial!

Develop a Thoughtful Email Marketing Campaign

Now that you have new email addresses from potential customers, it is time to connect with them! Email marketing was and continues to be one of the most successful lead-generation tactics for any business. Email marketing allows you to connect with consumers and build relationships by providing them with value. You can continue to nurture these leads until they are ready to purchase.

Personalizing your emails by segmenting your lists is key. Your company likely has many email lists with different leads in different steps of your funnel. For example, you may also have a list of consumers who have previously made a purchase from you and are now interested in your other offerings and a list of consumers who have yet to purchase at all. These consumers need you to use language that is specifically geared toward them so they feel like you are paying attention and know what they want/need.

Expert Social Media Marketing Practices

Social media is one of the best resources you can take advantage of to generate new leads. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok have billions of active users globally, and having a strong social media strategy can help your business reach the right people and generate new leads.

All the major social media platforms listed above (and more!) have options to create targeted lead-paid ads. Running paid advertisements is a smart investment and should be monitored to ensure the best results. If one ad is not performing as well as you hoped, changing your tactics and paying attention to which ads are generating leads is the key to success.

Paid ads are not the only way to generate new leads through social media. You can gain organic leads by sharing content from real users who already support your brand. Showing potential leads that consumers trust you, whether through a testimonial or sharing user-generated photos, builds brand credibility.

Lead generation is crucial for business growth in 2023 and beyond. Our team at BBstone are experts in this arena and would love to talk more about our lead generation services. Call or email us at to get started.

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