Google Ads and Small Businesses: What BBstone Can Do For You

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As we’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, Google Ads has proven to become an effective way to generate more traffic to your site. In fact, it’s one of the most effective methods of paid online advertising altogether. Google Ads makes it possible for your business to reach anyone who uses the search engine to find information, products, and services online. Google dominates the search engine market share, processing 3.5 billion searches per day.

If you have ever considered using this platform before, or if you are not sure what it is quite yet, we can help! Whether you want to increase traffic to your website, increase conversions or both, our Google Ads management services ensure you are getting maximum ROI for your advertising dollars.

One of our clients, a home improvement company, has worked on over 4,500 sunroom and window projects in their community. Over the years, they have tried managing their Google Ads program both in-house and with outside agencies.

The Challenge

The company’s competition was moving to online ads, COVID-19 started impacting small businesses, and they were paying too much per lead.

The Solution

Our team set out with a goal to reduce the company’s overall ad spend, increase their click-through rate, increase leads, and decrease the cost per conversion.

We performed a complete audit of their Ad Words & analytics account, measuring keyword performance, click-through rates, and most importantly, cost per acquisition.

Measuring Success

There are many ways to measure success in Google Ads. We believe our client’s account requires monitoring to optimize performance. For this instance, we focused on ad spend, click-through rate, cost per acquisition, and lead generation.

Our Results

Reduced Ad Spend by 35%

Our client was spending too much on Google Ads for the results they were receiving. With improved ad copy, updated keywords, and focused campaigns, we reduced their ad spend by 35% over ten months.

Increased Click-Through Rate (CTR) by 54%

Even with a 35% reduced budget, we improved ad performance by creating a more targeted audience. There were fewer clicks on the ads than the previous ten months, but the click-through rate increased 54%. An improved Click-through rate is the percentage of total ad views that result in higher quality clicks. As our client’s CTR improved, so did their ads rank.

Decreased Cost Per Acquisition CPA by 65%

In our client’s industry, if there are no leads, there is no business. We embraced the challenge of acquiring more leads. There were a few tactics we implemented to reduce the cost of obtaining a quality lead.

1. Created and designed a landing page

A landing page is the first thing a lead sees after clicking an ad, so it needs to be relevant and well designed. We dedicated two focused landing pages per campaign.

2. Regularly updated keywords and ads copy

Our approach to Google Ads management is unique, as we do not “set + forget” our ads. To effectively decrease CPA, we regularly monitored and improved campaign performance.

3. Leveraged smart bidding

Smart bidding is a strategy that uses machine learning to optimize conversions. This tactic is a great compliment to our proprietary ads management process.

Increased Leads by 67%

Since we have been managing our client’s Google Ads programs, their leads increased 67% over ten months! Google Ads PPC is the perfect tool for lead generation and should be included as a powerful tactic in your overall marketing strategy.

For convenience, Bennington Brookstone manages our clients’ Google Ads account month-to-month, offering a flat fee.

If you are looking to improve the performance of your Google Ads, or if you want to get started, call, DM, or email us at We focus on results to ensure your success!

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