Google Adds New Tools To Help You Power Your Marketing Strategy With Helpful Insights

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Google is upgrading its Ads insights tool to include new predictive elements, utilizing machine learning and historical data to predict consumer trends in your industry.

While this function is still in beta, if accurate, these predictions could end up being tremendously helpful for your content planning!

Google is testing demand forecasts, which will estimate the search interest for your products over the coming six months by combining machine learning with previous seasonal search trends.

Per Google:

“Let’s say you’re a beauty retailer. You might see a prediction that search interest in “perfumes & fragrances” will start to trend in the middle of November with an increase of 27%. Interest then peaks to 93% on Black Friday and tapers off in the following weeks. To help you understand this forecast, you’ll see trendlines for predicted search interest, actual search interest, and your clicks (the amount of traffic you’ve already received from this trend).”

With historic search traffic data as the base, these predictions could be strong indicators of coming shifts, providing valuable insights for your marketing strategy.

The search giant is also testing a new consumer interest insight element, which will collect the top-performing search themes that are driving performance in your campaigns.

The consumer interest insight report will be able to show you the number of people searching for each theme, the overall growth of each element, and performance recommendations for your account.

Once again, these insights could be incredibly valuable in developing a stronger strategy. Because of the ongoing pandemic, tracking new trends has been challenging with so many consumption habits shifting, so this tool may alleviate some of those roadblocks.

Finally, Google is also testing audience insights, intending to provide more insight around the interests of your customers, including what ad creative they are engaging with. As explained by Google:

“As a beauty retailer, for example, you might discover that people interested in beauty products prefer the headline “10 must-buy winter fragrances” — and that the audience took part in 57% of the conversions in your campaign.”

While it will take time and testing, and learning, these tools could end up being a powerful way to enhance your ad targeting efforts. Google notes that these elements will be launched in the ads platform over the coming weeks, while you can check out the Insights page on Google Ads now to view the latest trends for your small businesses.

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