Take your social media targeting to the next level with geofencing advertising, providing the hyper-local reach your business has been looking for.

Geofencing advertising entails using GPS to make a digital boundary around an area allowing software to send a signal to any mobile device that enters or leaves the perimeter. These boundaries can send various kinds of signals, including push notifications or pop-up ads.

How Geofencing Works

A virtual boundary is made around an event location where a business wants to reach a specific group of people based on their attendance at said event.
When people enter the geo-fenced location during the event date and time, they become part of an audience that businesses can target throughout and after the event.
As people visit different apps or browse the internet on their mobile devices, they begin to see ads from brands running geofencing campaigns.
Consumers can see these ads for up to 30 days after they have entered the geofence.

Social Media Geofencing Capabilities


Facebook has over 1.96 billion daily active users, making it the biggest social media platform for your business to take advantage of. Facebook allows brands to customize settings to target a specific audience via geofencing. Our team can target current and potential customers with ease based age, gender, and more!


With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is not far behind Facebook in terms of popularity. Both platforms are owned by Meta, making the geofencing process similar across outlets. The main difference between the two is on Instagram is that brands can zoom in on a more precise area you want to target.

This platform also allows for real-time geotagging, a temporary geofence around an event.This ability is incredibly valuable for businesses looking to target a group of people attending a conference, convention, festival, sporting event, concert, etc. Doing so allows you to maximize your budget by directly reaching your target audience vs. simply targeting zip codes or cities.



Take your social media targeting to the next level

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