Case Study: Transforming a Midwest Home Improvement Specialist’s Digital Presence

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Transforming a Midwest Home Improvement Specialist’s Digital Presence

A Bennington Brookstone Case Study

In the competitive landscape of home improvement services, establishing a strong digital presence can be the key to rapid growth and market dominance. This case study examines how Bennington Brookstone, a digital marketing agency, transformed the online presence of a fledgling Midwest home improvement company. Launched in January 2022, this specialist faced the daunting challenge of building its brand, generating leads, and carving out a niche in a saturated market. Through a comprehensive digital strategy encompassing website development, targeted advertising, and innovative lead generation techniques, Bennington Brookstone not only met these challenges but propelled the client to exponential growth in just two years. The following analysis details the strategies employed, the remarkable results achieved, and the lasting impact on the client’s business trajectory.


Midwest home improvement company


In January 2022, a newly launched Midwest home improvement company needed to:
– Establish its brand identity
– Build a website
– Develop lead generation funnels
– Generate leads in a competitive market


Bennington Brookstone implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy:
1. Created a new website showcasing services and brand identity
2. Developed lead funnels for each service
3. Launched digital marketing campaigns including:
– Social media marketing
– Pay-per-click ads on Google
4. Integrated live chat on the website for lead generation

Results (In the Last Year):

– Lead Generation: Increased by 214%
– Cost Per Click (CPC): Reduced by 69%
– Web Traffic Sources:
• Paid Search: 10K visits
• Organic Social: 7.8K visits
• Direct: 2.5K visits
• Organic Search: 1.9K visits
• Referral: 1.6K visits
– Total Leads Generated: Over 2,000 (paid and organic)

Business Growth:

– Revenue:

• 2022: $4.25M
• 2023: $11.43M
• 2024 YTD: $19M
– Expanded services
– Opened a second office in Minnesota
– Grew to over 60 employees

Services Implemented:

– Website design
– Lead funnel development
– Live chat integration
– Email marketing (Rehash Program)
– Pay-Per-Click Advertising
– Social Media Posting
– Facebook/Instagram Advertising
– Google Business Profile & Search Engine Optimization


Through Bennington Brookstone’s comprehensive digital marketing strategy, the client experienced exponential revenue growth, significantly improved lead generation, and reduced advertising costs. The success enabled rapid business expansion, including service diversification and geographic growth.

This case study demonstrates Bennington Brookstone’s ability to deliver transformative results for businesses in competitive markets through tailored digital marketing solutions.


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