Building Brand Trust: Why UGC Should be Part of Your 2021 Strategy

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User-generated content (UGC) has been a social media recommendation for brands for quite a few years now, and the importance of this type of content has gone up tremendously in 2020 – and will continue to be a critical aspect of marketing in the new year.

Before we dive deeper, let’s recap what this type of content is. UGC is any content, such as photos or videos, that has been created and posted by consumers on social media. Sharing this type of content is a win-win, as users are typically excited for a brand to repost them, and brands can leverage this content to further brand trust.

As marketers, we love UGC so much because it is the most trustworthy source of content for brands to utilize on their social channels. Why? It’s simple! Consumers trust other consumers. If real people are sharing posts about your products or services, potential customers are going to see that content and decide that your company is one that they can trust. A staggering 93% of customers view user-generated content as a reliable source when making a buying decision.

Aside from helping to build brand trust, UGC is generally a great source of content for businesses to utilize in their monthly social calendars. Visually, this is a tactic that helps break up your branded assets and keep your followers engaged.

As mentioned earlier, UGC has been an important part of 2020. Due to the ongoing pandemic, 42% of people are spending more time on social media, making it a great time to connect with users on an authentic level.

Keep reading to learn why this type of content was so important this year and how you can take advantage of it in 2021.

Why UGC was so impactful this year

In 2020, user-generated content has shown us how important human connection is in times of need and how a sense of community is necessary for getting through tough times. This year, UGC has been helping us all feel connected during months of social distancing and isolation. This type of content is relatable, and now more than ever, people are looking for content that they feel a connection with.

UGC has been the perfect way to build digital relationships with long-term customers and create stronger bonds with them. With pandemic anxiety and stress, UGC has also been giving people hope and encouraging individuals to feel connected to businesses and fellow consumers alike.

Additionally, from the brand side, businesses have been able to generate great content remotely without having to worry about scheduling photo shoots.

How to use UGC in your 2021 strategy 

37% of U.S. internet users between 18-34 years reported they had purchased something via social media before but did not do so regularly. This number is likely to rise over the coming year! UGC should be top of mind for your social commerce eCommerce strategies across the board.

In addition to just working UGC content into your monthly social calendars, make this type of content the focal point of your campaigns as well. You should review your 2020 data to decide on a topic that resonates with your customers and followers to maximize relevance. Additionally, to inspire new content, consider offering an incentive in exchange for a customer posting about your brand!

Lastly, focus on sharing UGC to cultivate a sense of community on your social profiles, connect better with current customers, and keep up with the ever-changing current events in the world.

With market competition rising, it’s crucial to fight for your business to stand out. And with the needs of consumers evolving, it will require a more empathetic approach to marketing.


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