Browser Tracking is Changing: How This Affects Your eCommerce Website

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Browser Tracking is Changing: How This Affects Your eCommerce Website

Changes are coming in regards to online privacy. Google is planning on stopping the use of third-party cookies in Chrome by the end of 2023, and Apple has already made changes to its online tracking, as have other browsers.

What do these changes mean for eCommerce?

Online retailers have long relied on this type of data to target potential customers. As an online vendor, you will need to rely on first-party data to create meaningful and personalized experiences to ensure shoppers are choosing your brand over the competition.

While the loss of third-party cookies will make it harder for you to create personalized experiences for consumers, most people value their privacy and want more protection online.

According to Goolge and Pew Research:

“72 percent of people feel that almost all of what they do online is being tracked by advertisers, technology firms or other companies, and 81 percent say that the potential risks they face because of data collection outweigh the benefits.”

As a business, you need to adapt to meet the changing expectations of consumers while continuing to create engaging shopping experiences.

While this change can feel scary, fear not! Your business will simply just need to lean on the information you get directly from your customers. Data you collect via your online marketing efforts across social, email, advertising, etc. is more valuable than ever.

Since the Google change is not going into effect until 2023, now is the time to start growing your database! However, if there is one thing we know about online consumers, it is that they rarely want to give out their personal information without getting anything in return. Ways to get people to share information with your business include:

Running contests: host giveaways that require users to sign up or follow you before being entered to win a prize.


Creating exclusive offers: Encourage users to opt-in for emails and other forms of communication by giving them access to early and exclusive product releases or services. You can also create special discounts that customers can only receive if they opt-in on your site via a pop-up.


Crafting interesting newsletters: Come up with newsletter topics that are not only interesting to your target audience, but includes information they will not be able to receive without signing up. This is another great outlet for your exclusive offers!


We know change can be scary, but it also has the potential to generate better things for your business – especially when you have the right team in place! We’re here to guide you through any digital marketing changes.


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