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I recently read an article from discussing the complexities of trying to reach a local market within a global strategy. Dialects, cultures, customs often change not from one Country to the next but from one TOWN to the next(in some cases one Street to the next!). At Bennington Brookstone, this is where the magic comes into our Social Media Marketing strategy. 

Yes, magic. OK….not entirely magic but MAGICAL. 

We know our market areas. Period. Having clients across the country means understanding the eating habits, recreational habits, and speaking habits of clients in Boone, NC vs. Modesto, CA or Bondville, IL. Pitching the same product to these areas using the same two methods seldom yields results. Learning the slang, understanding the shows they watch, the restaurants they frequent and the sports teams they LOVE allows us to create an authentic experience. 

We begin our process with a new client by conducting area research. Hobbies, habits, famous landmarks, local trends. This gives us the foundation to speak like their people so we can SELL TO their people. 

Is it all sounding very Obi-One Kenob-ish? Be ONE with the market? Well, it is. Tapping into the right marketing research and connecting on an authentic level with our client’s customers is where the true magic lies in the form of ROI for our clients.  

-BB Stone 

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