Benefits of Omnichannel Marketing for Your Small Business

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Benefits of Omnichannel Marketing for Your Small Business

As we look towards 2023, the digital and offline worlds are continuing to overlap more and more. People do not leave the house without their smartphones and even tablets, allowing them to have internet access at all times. Despite the rise of all digital everything, people still and will always want to have live experiences. Therefore, connecting with consumers is important both online and off! Large companies create marketing campaigns extending across digital and real life because they know both outlets are equally crucial for attracting and retaining customers. This is known as Omnichannel marketing. 

As we explained in a previous blog post, Omnichannel marketing involves establishing your business across multiple online and offline channels while creating a seamless experience throughout the consumer journey. Your online channels include your website, social media profiles, emails, SMS, WhatsApp, etc. Examples of offline channels are your brick-and-mortar store and in-person events. 

This type of strategy is not only beneficial for big brands – it is just as fruitful for small businesses to combine the benefits of omnichannel marketing. Embracing an omnichannel marketing strategy can be one of the most successful ways to build brand awareness and loyalty and drive growth. According to Aberdeen Group:

“Companies with extremely strong omnichannel customer engagement strategy get to retain an average of 89% of their customers, compared to 33% of customers for companies with weak omnichannel customer engagement strategy.”

We like those odds! While there are no shortcuts to creating the perfect omnichannel experience for consumers, we guarantee it is worth it for your small business. Still need some convincing? Here are a few key benefits of utilizing this type of marketing. 

Higher Customer Retention + Loyalty 

It is no secret – consumers will always make purchases from brands they trust. Omnichannel marketing allows you to give current and potential customers a consistent brand experience across digital and non-digital outlets. Each platform provides you with an opportunity to share a unique and personalized message for different consumers.

Smoother Consumer Journey 

Knowing and understanding how consumers act across your sales funnel helps you improve performance and minimize the drop-off points in their journey. 

Increased Return on Investment 

Increasing your ROI is one of the main goals of any marketing strategy. Through segmentation and personalization, omnichannel marketing can lead to higher customer engagement, driving more conversions and a higher ROI.

More Integrated Business 

In your current marketing strategy, you may be working towards different goals for your social media marketing vs. your offline marketing efforts. With omnichannel marketing, you have a full system of online and offline efforts working in tandem toward one goal. In this scenario, your customer service, sales, and marketing all work together to accomplish your mission. 

Better Consumer Insight 

Additionally, you can collect and combine consumer data from multiple sources, like cookies, shopping carts, social media, email, referral programs, devices, and more. Using this information, you can measure how each channel contributes to your overall goal. Doing so allows you to have your finger on the pulse of what is working and what is not so you can optimize. 

Are you ready to adopt an omnichannel strategy for your small business? Our team at BBstone happens to be a group of experts in this type of marketing! 

Call or email us at to get started. We would love to help your business gain new customers and improve your ROI. 

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