Are you Seeking the Social Media Unicorn?

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Your Social Media strategy shouldn’t rely on posts going viral by magic. Instead, you should develop a methodical plan and branding strategy to help propel you to that next level. Finding the Unicorn takes planning, keeping it…takes work. 

What is your Social Media Marketing plan? Does it consist of a series of posts and hashtags that sound similar with similar colors? Have you really taken the time to develop a strategy and implement it business-wide? Finding the right balance between authentic content and a thoughtfully laid out strategy can make all the difference. 

Step 1: Gather Your Core Team 

Keep this circle tight. The core decision makers and creative minds behind your business should be present. Now is also the time to bring in a Social Media Marketing company to help guide your vision and point you in the right direction. Here is where your vision is laid out and the Unicorn search is set in motion. In this meeting you should discuss the following;

a. What are your Social Media Goals? Looking to drum up business? Create brand awareness? Go viral? Searching for leads? Identify these goals and agree on them. You would be surprised how effective this step can be in making sure everyone is on the same page.

b. What does your messaging look like? Edgy and Smart, Funny and Light, Serious and Crisp or downright off-color? A visual board works great here. Ask key members to write down what your brand means to them now and what they would like it to look like in the future. 

c. Decide on a visual aesthetic you would like to adhere to. Negative space images, landscapes, bold lettering, inspirational quotes. Work out a few storyboards as a baseline. 

d. Ask a professional marketer to evaluate your plan. If you can’t afford to be on retainer with a Social Media Marketing company, pay a consultation fee to solidify your thoughts and discuss implementation. The next phase is the most important and professional insight can make all the difference. 

Step 2: Implement Your Plan

a. Test your new content and strategy on the platform that suits your business best. Facebook is hands down the place to start. 

b. Pay Facebook. Don’t skip this step. Not taking advantage of the paid options will ensure that your content spirals down the black hole where goblins and dragons reside…no Unicorns will be found. You should look to spend roughly $250-$1000/month depending on the nature of your business. Don’t create amazing content only to have it lost in the Social Media abyss.

c. Be sure to tag, share, hashtag and cross promote. Social Media Marketing requires that you Get Social. No one wants ads 24/7. Make it unique and newsworthy. 

Step 3: Don’t Give Up

Keep posting daily, keep sharing and keep your message consistent. Do these steps and you are sure to find your Social Media Unicorn at the other end of the rainbow. Catching it and holding on to it requires a steady stream of unique and valuable content and maybe a tiny bit of magic (also known as hard work). 

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