An Introduction to Meta Business Suite

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An Introduction to Meta Business Suite

If you are looking for an easier way to manage your Facebook and Instagram marketing efforts, look no further than Meta Business Suite! This free tool centralizes Facebook, Instagram, and messaging tools in one place so you can save time, connect with more consumers and drive better results.


Meta Business Suite makes it easy to view notifications and respond to messages quickly, whether you’re using it on desktop or mobile. You can create or schedule posts, stories, and ads for your business directly through the tool.


Key features your business should take advantage of within the Meta Business Suite are:


The ability to post across platforms

Within the tool, you can share feed posts and stories for both Facebook and Instagram without switching accounts! Additionally, you can schedule your posts and stories, save them as drafts, or upload assets to the media library to use at another time.


Better manage your inbox

Keeping up with all of your businesses’ DMs can be overwhelming. In the tool, you can read and reply to messages and comments across Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram in one place. What’s more, you can create automated responses to send faster replies.


Create ads

 Through the Business Suite, you can generate brand awareness and increase your customer base by boosting a post or creating ads across both Facebook and Instagram.


Keep track of insights and trends

 Data is key! Within the tool, you can track how your posts are performing across Instagram and Facebook, track trends, and learn more about your social media audience.


Review all activity at a glance

Through the notifications tab, you can see all activity for your business on Facebook and Instagram. Via the tool, your business can prioritize unread messages and comments by viewing your To-Do List on the Home screen.


Access helpful tools

On a desktop computer, you can access other Meta tools like Ads Manager, Commerce Manager, Business Settings, and more.


To get the most out of Meta Business Suite, here are a few tips to follow:


Post often and be consistent

 Schedule posts and stories in advance.

  • Save time by saving future content as a draft.
  • Cross-post on your Facebook and Instagram accounts to save time.
  • Use the calendar view to build a posting schedule.
  • Store assets for posts using Albums. You can save them for later when you’re creating content and responding to user comments.


Engage with your followers

  • Stay up to date via the Notifications tab.
  • Create auto-responses to messages when answering common user questions.
  • Post content, view comments, and respond on the go through the app.
  • Use Inbox to answer customer questions about your products or services.



Expand your reach through ads

  • Discover who is engaging with your brand in the Insights tab and find ways to better define your target audience for future ads.
  • Review common questions and comments from new customers in the Posts & Stories and Inbox tabs. These can give you clues as to what unfamiliar consumers need to know about your business, which can help inform what to include in your ads.
  • Determine which of your posts drive the most engagement in the Insights tab.


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