5 Ways Social Media is a Must-Have for Business Growth

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Are you one of the last few businesses still looking for reasons to utilize Social Media Marketing into your strategy? Check out these 5 ways Social Media Marketing can boost your business to that next level. 

  • 1) Brand awareness 

Don’t have a large following? Creating a consistent brand message then sending it into the digital stratosphere is the greatest way to increase awareness. How do you create a consistent brand then know where to send it? This is where bringing in a professional really pays off. A Social Media Marketing Pro will provide a fresh set of eyes to a product or service you have been staring at up-close and personal. A Social Marketing Pro will come up with a message that resonates with your demographic and helps you utilize the best platforms to achieve maximum exposure. 

  • 2) Network with non-competing area businesses that can help your business grow. 

These are called Shoulder Markets and they are your friend…or they should be. Are you in Construction? Look to Interior Designers, Architects, Real Estate Agents to connect with. Make sure they have a following that resembles your own. Make contact, support them on Social Media and they will do the same. This is a great way to generate authentic new leads. A professional Marketer can help you greatly here too. They can compile a list of Shoulder Markets for you and make contact on your behalf. 

  • 3) Connect with your audience with geo-targeting. 

Are you utilizing the demographic features Facebook has to offer? In settings, you can create a targeted marketing approach. If you work in the Home Improvement industry one specific market to consider is making sure that your Ads are reaching Home Owners opposed to Renters. If your product demographic is 50+ don’t send your message out to 18-year-olds. Facebook set these parameters to help businesses reach their Markets. Don’t know where to start? Call a professional Social Media Marketer for guidance. 

  • 4) Build leads at the local level (Facebook lead ads)

Do you work in Suffolk County, NY yet your inquiries keep coming from Upstate? Be sure to drop pins in your desired geographic region. At Bennington Brookstone, we find it effective to drop pins just outside of your desired area. This opens up the radius just enough so relatives and friends living near you can share to your potential clients within your area.  

  • 5) Social Media puts you on the map: Boost your SEO and search engine rankings. 

Creating links in your social media content that brings readers back to your website is an excellent way to boost exposure. The more you blog, share, tweet, share, post, share; the greater your reach becomes. 

Want more tips? Looking to boost your Social Media presence? Contact us at www.BBrookstone.com or email: CMurphy@BBrookstone.com 

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