5 Social Media Trends Watch in 2020

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To be successful on social media in 2020, companies need digital strategies that are rooted in the latest data and trends. As marketers, we’re tasked with striking a balance between making sense of your data while also finding new ways to connect with customers. As this year gets into full swing, it’s time to refocus and reflect on how your brand utilizes social media moving forward. 

Reevaluate which social channels you should use 

Despite popular belief, no social channel is truly dying out (well, aside from Google +). Instead of cutting platforms out, companies need to take a closer look and evaluate which channels their audience has shifted to using the most. In terms of time and money, it’s important to understand if your efforts are paying off or not. Just because one major channel works for some brands doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for yours! For example, if you can’t point to the ROI of your Instagram presence, it’s time to take a closer look at your metrics and see which channel will reach your target demographic best. 

Make your audience a “Big Part” of your content strategy

After you find which platforms your audience is using, it’s important to establish a relationship with them. Making consumer-centric content a priority will not only deepen brand loyalty but will also inspire your followers to share posts of their own. Creating a branded hashtag and resharing posts users submit is just one way to gain exposure and build a bucket of content to choose from. There is so much competition in the social space that anything you can do to focus on the consumer is a big win for your company. 

Focus on video content 

Both Long-form and short-form videos continue to be among the most-shared content on social. Currently, YouTube is second to Facebook when it comes to active users, but more and more marketers are turning to the video streaming platform to share their content. At the same time, Instagram is trying to revitalize IGTV with the introduction of landscape videos. Last but certainly not least, TikTok continues to dominate in popularity with young consumers and influencers with over 1.5 billion users. While this platform can be confusing, one thing is clear: brands can no longer sleep on video.

Create a balance between public and private engagement

Private messaging had a big year in 2019. Instagram launched Threads, LinkedIn began rolling out Teammates, and Facebook shared plans to unify Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. What’s more, is that around two-thirds of people say that private messaging apps are where they feel most comfortable speaking. Despite this trend, the future of social media is not going to be completely private. This is simply an opportunity for brands to find the right balance between driving awareness in their public feeds and driving meaningful one-on-one engagements in private messages.

Combine social and performance marketing 

Brand awareness has always been a key reason businesses use social media. But now, organic reach is shrinking, and companies need to think about how they can use social to deliver measurable ROI. With performance marketing, you can use social ads to achieve a specific goal, including sales, leads, or clicks, rather than focusing on likes and follows. Also, focusing too much on short-term metrics reduces the effectiveness of longer-running campaigns. It is important to remember that building your brand happens over time! 

Although there are a lot of shifts in the social landscape, none of these trends require you to start your presence over from scratch. These findings are meant to help you reflect on what’s working, what isn’t, and what avenues you can explore to reach your marketing goals in 2020!


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