5 Reasons You Should Be Using Google Ads For Your Business

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Google Ads, formerly known as AdWords, has proven to become an effective way to generate more traffic to your site. In fact, it’s one of the most effective methods of paid online advertising altogether.

Google Ads makes it possible for your business to reach anyone who uses the search engine to find information, products, and services online. Google dominates the search engine market share, processing 3.5 billion searches per day.

When used correctly, this ad platform has the potential to send you large numbers of people who want exactly what you’re offering. On average, Google Ads generate two dollars for advertisers for every dollar spent.

If you don’t currently have a Google Ads account, you should seriously consider getting one! To help convince you, here are 5 reasons why it’s a great idea for your business.

It increases leads and customers

Google Ads allows you to zone in on the people who are searching for exactly what your company offers. This means you can continually refine your searches so that only consumers who want to buy your products or services are sent to your websites through this platform.

It’s suitable for any budget

Whether you want to spend a few hundred or a few thousand dollars, you can spend as much or as little as you’d like. You can put a limit on your spend for your overall account and individual campaigns to make sure you never go over budget. Additionally, since it’s all measurable, you can optimize your campaigns so they generate a good ROI. 

You can beat the competition

With Google Ads, you can directly compete with your competitors if they are bidding on the same terms in the same places. If they are running ads, you can learn from them and spot any gaps in their marketing efforts! You can look at the copy your competitors are using and come up with interesting ways to do better. If you earn a higher click-through rate than your competitors, you can improve your quality score and pay less for your clicks, which helps improve your ROI as well.

You get results fast

Optimizing your site for SEO can take some time to show results. While SEO is crucial for your business to succeed online, Google Ads will get you results faster. As soon as your ads are live, your business will be shown at the top of the search results for the terms you are bidding on.

Google makes it easy to see and analyze the progress of your campaigns because they have a dashboard that provides you with information related to each campaign, such as the ads clicked, the keywords that website visitors entered, and the cost of clicks.

You can complement your social media efforts

Your social media and lead generation efforts are magnified when you combine paid ads on Google with your organic efforts. The sooner you get started, the better it will be for your digital marketing strategy, so that you can get a better ROI from your content and improve your conversion rate!

Ready to start advertising on Google? Call, DM, or email us at Dave@bbrookstone.com to get started. We would love to manage your Google ads for you!

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